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Boat Operator Competency Requirements

The Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations require that all operators of pleasure craft fitted with a motor have proof of competency and proof of age on board at all times.

* As of September 15, 2009, all operators will be required to have proof of

How the Regulations Apply to Non-Residents

The Regulations apply to non-residents:

    * If they operate their own pleasure craft in Canadian waters for more than 45
       consecutive days or,
    * If they operate a pleasure craft that is licensed or registered in Canada
       (including rented or chartered boats).
    * Please note that a proof of residence will be required on board at all times.

Acceptable Proof of Competency for Non-Residents
For non-residents, proof of competency can take one of three forms:

    * A Canadian-issued pleasure craft operator

    * A completed boat rental safety check-list
       (for power-driven rental boats).

    * An operator card or equivalent that meets
       the requirements of their state or country.
Although you are not required to have a boaters card to operate one our boats, it's still a good idea to take the course.

Hidden Bay will happily provide Free Of Charge a Boat Rental Safety Check List to any guest operating a boat at our outpost cabins, as proof of compentency should you decied not to take a Boaters Card course.
If you wish, you can write your exam and receive your state boaters card online.  Click on the link! ------->
For more information on requirements for foreign recreational boaters in Canadian waters and boating safety, please click and follow the Transport Canada link. -------->
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