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2016 Fly-In Fishing Rates
The All
Inclusive Plan:

And The
Economy Plan:
Let us do the shopping for you!
All your groceries are provided at the outpost
To see what is provided,  Click Here!!!

Groceries are not provided. You provide your own.
Available at Raggedwood Lake only.
Area 1
Morning Depatures
Highstone Lake
(2 Adult minimum party size)
  3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days The 7th Day
4 - 6 Adults $1095 pp $1245 $1395 $1545 FREE
7 - 10 Adults $985 pp $1120 $1255 $1390 FREE
Family Member* $770 pp $875 $980 $1085 FREE
Area 2
Morning Depatures
Blackstone Lake / Miniss Lake / Gage Lake
Armit Lake / Seagraves Lake
(4 People minimum party size)                                               
Raggedwood Lake Only (4 Adult minimum party size)
Groceries are not provided at the outpost.
Includes free accommodation and breakfast before flight to the outpost.   
Weight Limit:
Aircraft safety will always be our primary concern. We will not overload the aircraft.  The All Inclusive Plan rates include a maximum 85 lbs. of personal gear per person
& 120 Lbs on the Economy Plan. 

The ice and groceries provided by Hidden Bay Lodge  are not part of your weight limit.

Please pack for your trip carefully. Overload flights may incur additional fees. 

Click HERE for a great list of suggested things to pack for a fun trip.
Fly Out Times:
We typically begin to fly our guests in the mornings (6-8 am).

It is very important your entire group arrives well before your departure time in order to complete your outpost food order and fishing licenses.  Most guests plan to spend the night before their morning flight at our main lodge cabins, free of charge.

We are not responsible for lost vacation days if you arrive late. An additional air charter fees may apply to missed flights. Weather delays, heavy movement days such as weekends and holidays and aircraft maintenance may cause delays on occasions. We reserve the right to alter schedules and hire outside air carriers who meet our quality standards.
Deposit, Payment and Refunds Policies:
A $350 USD or $450 CAD per person deposit is required 14 days after booking to reserve your dates.  Payable by credit card or check. Credit Cards are processed in Canadian dollars only.

A full group deposit is 100% refundable prior to January 31.
Written notice to Hidden Bay Lodge of the trip cancellation by email is required.

After January 31, deposits are non-refundable and non transferable; however deposits may be credited toward a rescheduled trip within the same fishing season / year for the same group. (Space permitting)

A deposit refund after January 31 may be possible should you find a new replacement group to take over your calendar dates, or if Hidden Bay can confirm a new booking for your cancelled calendar dates.

We strongly recommend purchasing "For Any Reason" Cancellation / Travel Insurance" to protect your deposit payment.

Final payments may be made in American or Canadian Dollars cash, travelers check and credit card only .     Personal checks are not accepted for final payments.

Sorry,We do not accept American Express or any type of debit cards, ie "Visa debit"
Conservation Lakes:
To insure that the high quality of fishing continues for the next generation, conservation programs are promoted and in effect at all of Hidden Bay's lakes.

Conservation limits are generally 2 fish per species per person in their possession. 

We have promoted this very successful program for many years to help sustain the great fishing the way it should be.
DEAL ALERT:  After the 6th day, your 7th day is FREE!!!
                                 (free days may be limited due to availability of the outpost. Book well ahead)
Ah yes, The Ol' Fine Print:

All above rates are in American funds               (USD$)  per person and are subject to the Ontario HST Tax. 
We can show you how to apply for a  refund on the HST tax.  Ask us how!

All rates are set in advance; therefore are subject to change without notice due to increases in currency exchange rates, insurance costs, fuel prices etc.

Children 5 years of age and under are free when accompanied by a full fare adult rate.

* All
Inclusive Family Member Rates apply to an accompanying wife or child (6 -15 years of age).  Applies to groups of 4 or more. One family member rate per adult rate.   

** Economy Package Child Rates apply to accompanying children 6 - 17 years of age only.  Applies to groups of 4 or more. One economy child rate per adult rate

Please note: The All Inclusive Family Member  / Child rates are already discounted and do not apply toward group total number for the 7 - 10 Adult Rates discount.

Final balance invoices are presented in Canadian Funds for Canadian tax calculation.  The above  US rates converted into Canadian funds at the days Interbank Exchange Rate.  We are happy to accept US funds for final payment at the days Canadian Buying Exchange Rate.

Sorry, Due to respect of guest allergies, pets are not accepted at the outpost cabins.
  3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days The 7th Day
Adult $1055 pp $1205 $1355 $1505 FREE
Family Member* $740 pp $845 $950 $1055 FREE
  3 Day 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days The 7th Day
4 - 6 Adults $770 pp $895 $1020 $1145 FREE
7- 10 Adults $695 pp $805 $920 $1030 FREE
Child $385 pp $450 $510 $575 FREE
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Rates Included Groceries At The Oupost Cabin
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2 Personalized Trip Plans To Choose From
Economy Plan
Morning Depatures
Rates Included Groceries At The Oupost Cabin
All children 5 years of age and under are free when accompanied by a full fare adult rate.